Monday, September 27, 2010

Werewolf Joe Guns for Skars: "There Will Be Fighting"

Monday, September 27, 2010
Joe Manganiello Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Joe Manganiello has made it clear he's out to match Skarsgård's manly True Blood heat, and let us in on his plans for next season.

See, we chatted with True Blood's new resident hottie (sorry, Alexander, but we still love you so) at the fabulous G Star RAW show (so fierce) Tuesday night at Pier 94. The muscled hunk couldn't have been steamier, hand-in-hand with his fab girlfriend, Audra, as he filled us in on what we can expect from him in season four:

He'll so be back with a furry vengeance!

"I'll be a regular so I would imagine that Sookie and I are going to pick up," Joe dished, looking yummy in a G Star leather jacket, natch.

"I have some unlikely alliances right now and definitely have some beef with some people. There will be some fighting."

So that means Joe has to stay in fighting shape—particularly for those other deltoid dudes like Skarsgård, who also happens to have a kinky thing for Sookie. (Who doesn't?)

"I've been putting in a good solid 12 hours of Shake Weight a day, trying to get ready for next season," laughed the impressively hot guy, clearly so sick of being asked why he's so impressively hot. Too bad. Deal with it, babe.

However, when Joe told our pal Marc Malkin a few weeks ago that he planned to eat his way through Europe (where he's working on something hush-hush next month), he meant it.

"I'm going to Europe, and I've never been! I'm going to work on something I can't talk about right now, and then I'm going to eat. Then I'm going to come back. I'm up for something right now I can't talk about, it's all secretive."

"We're going to a beach and we're going to get tans and eat a lot! A lot of carbs," piped Audra.

We all know that behind every True Blood hunk is an amaze woman, and she's so cool, she even gave Joe the green light to go shirtless all next season.

"That's fine with me," she laughed.

"If something bad happens to the costume director, we'll blame you," smiled J.M.

Really, though, anyone up for a True Blood wardrobe raid? Just sayin'.

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